Environmental Policy

Haven Gardens Ltd appreciate that economic success and a healthy environment are well connected. We have role to play in ensuring that environmental standards are followed and implemented by the business in a manner that helps to preserve and protect the environment. We aim to work alongside both clients and the environment implementing a high standard of environmentally friendly practices.

Haven Gardens Ltd are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We comply with all environmental legislation. We recycle and use recycled products wherever possible and ensure our pollution levels are kept to a minimum.

Making a Greener Haven

  • We meet the legal requirements and regulation set by the environment agency and other appropriate organisations.
  • We are working towards turning all our waste into recyclable products. All waste materials are separated and recycled on our premises. We recycle all of our green waste into a reusable material (soil or wood chip) other material is collected by certified local waste recycling and disposal companies.
  • We ensure any potential environmental issues are considered and dealt with at the initial planning stages of a new project.
  • We use peat free compost where possible.
  • We constantly take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We use electronic communication where possible.
  • We maintain our vehicles and machinery so they remain at their optimal performance.
  • We are trying to reduce unnecessary vehicle movements throughout our business.
  • We promote a strong recycling ethos in the workplace.
  • We keep all pollution levels to a minimum.
  • We ensure all plastic posts are recycled where possible.
  • We aim to promote planting trees and shrubs in our garden builds to offset our carbon
  • We try to source materials and plants locally if we can.
  • We are always looking at new and innovative products, materials and techniques which offer a better outcome to the environment.
  • We will work towards continually improving our environmental performance by regularly reviewing our environmental policy.